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I made it on explore on Instagram with like 30 likes wtf how


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Michael Ripley - Green Building, Manchester 

LA weather is so awesome

Pretty fuckin creepy that this 7th grader in my friends sweet 16 court took pics of me in a tank [shirt] for her friend and sent them to her…keep in mind that this friend stalks me on social media like Instagram which makes me even more inclined to not associate myself with this person at all. If you read this please stop it’s unhealthy and sad plus I don’t want people taking pics of me without my consent especially from people I don’t know.

My teacher suggested something that isn’t even possible then tells me I’m better off not doing it when asked if it is possible…why even suggest it at all.


Chicago Skyline by robertelves on Flickr.

sucks that if you don’t believe in a religion you’re viewed as a bad person. wow sorry i’m not 5 years old anymore and believe in fairy tales. i still consider religion to be a valid point (not really), but at least i respect your opinion. 

me proving creationism wrong

kinda sucks being surrounded by people with a mentality younger than your own. it’s pretty frustrating that you seem like a fool to them when they’re the ones who are ignorant and close minded