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Lmao people be like I don’t support Israel because I am Muslim…haha ok so you support your radical homeboy Hamas who is the cause for Israel’s retaliation OK

Japan, 2009

水原 希子


had to change my url in case of background checks for my jobs lmao

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Fill this in with stuff about you
Age: 16
Where I’m from: NYC
Where I would like to live: stay here in NYC (not the Bronx or Staten island) or LA
Favorite food: Pho probably or hummus
Religion: n/a
Single/taken: Single
Favorite book(s): Scar Tissue, The Catcher in the Rye
Random fact about me: I'm starting college at the age of 16
Favorite day of the year: Any day in July; July is to what Saturday is in the weekend
If I have any pets: I do not live with them nor am I the owner, but my cousin has two dogs and I love them to death
What I’m listening to right now: Angel Save - Ryan Mitchell Grey
What my name means: "strong man of God" lol the irony

Hands and feet for your ears now at Dagmar Rousset! The new location at 30-32 Easy St, Collingwood is a sight to behold.

Blame Hamas, the radical, terrorist organization of Palestine for provoking Israel. You cannot blame Israel for retaliating against what is clearly a threat to their security.

Israel must take the right measures in order to protect itself and sadly people are killed in the process which should not be a surprise because this is a product of war. 

Another thing to add, stop blaming the US as well…I hope you are aware of Israel-United States relations. 



Manny Pacquiao sings ‘Let it Go’ (2014 ESPY Awards)

Drake a fucking clown

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