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lmao fuckin bullshit when you update your iphone and it stops 7/8 of the way and forces you to do a factory restore


Kiko for Maison Kitsuné “Effortlessly French" SS15 RTW Collection

Exterior view of Reversible Destiny Office, Site of Reversible DestinyYoro, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, 1994-96

schoolboytroy replied to your post: My apartment building is good for 3 pe…

Damn bruh that ain’t cool what they doing to ya. Aha


My apartment building is good for 3 people since it has 2 bedrooms (my parents and I), so I don’t understand why my parents offer my room as a guest room whenever someone comes over (it’s not a guest room gtfo this ain’t the Hotel Etrata…this is a 16 year old’s bedroom!) Like ya I get it you pay the rent blah blah blah so you guys technically own it, but wtf this isn’t cool. My room is my sanctuary and I need everything to be accessible at any given moment especially since school is in session. New objective: make the guests who I can care less about (I’d only be cool with blood family) feel guilty.

i think i’m gonna have a stroke before i’m 30 because my mom’s ideologies are the complete opposite of a logical thinker

one quote to sum it all up:

"better absent than late" 

no typos in that quote

sandrathepisces said: What's your ethnicity?

Full bred Filipino

No love for simplified chinese


Chicago Bulls - 1991 NBA Championship

The thirst older Filipinos have to make an impression is beyond my imagination. Everything is brand name and no integrity/no substance to all of you.

My mom has been cleaning my room nonstop for a couple of guests who are gonna stay for at most 2 nights. Wow the guests must really want some hotel level service huh oh man that printer lying in the corner is gonna make them think you make you don’t keep your house clean woopty fucking doo. She’s also telling me how to organize my clothes so that’s it’s convenient for her wtf why would I put my pants over the socks just to save space for people who don’t need drawers (they have a luggage bag hello!!!) I guess the need to make an impression for two nights is worth skipping dinner and rearranging your son’s room to your own benefit must be worth it.

You know Chachimommas blew up when you see herbs wearing them

to every bug i have ever killed i am sorry :/


…sorry that your bitch asses came into my house uninvited

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