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planning to shave my head soon for the benefits of healthier hair and a better line up which my old barber screwed up

should i

a) stay with the undercut/topknot to avoid the awkward stage

b) grow hair all around in pursuit of a pomp and live with the awkward stage

c) avoid both a and b and grow out the weird parts of my hair while maintaining the top (~5in.)?


Two good lookin fellas.

so glad i found a new barber who pointed out the mistakes of my old one.

gonna have to start fresh and regrow 5 inches next month though :( 

…pretty depressing having to do this


Two good lookin fellas.
Conservative: Why do you keep judging me for my conservative and traditionalist lifestyle you're not accepting at all we're more accepting than you
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Conservative: Ew gay person your love is immoral and wrong and I'm going to do my hardest to make your lifestyle unlivable
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Uneducated conservatives of the United States of America


she looks particularly sharp today.

there’s a fine line between joking and sounding like a complete dumbass

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